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Patent Forensic Examination Center

Experienced expert

The specialists of our center have patent education, knowledge and experience in the field of intellectual property rights protection, practical ...

Patent Forensic Examination Center

Carrying out examinations

Conducting objective scientific-based examinations on behalf of judicial and state bodies in criminal, civil and arbitration cases.

Patent Forensic Examination Center

Appraisal of property

The economic effect of the appraisal of property formed due to the advantage in price, the gain in costs and ...


This is a procedural action consisting of conducting research and giving an opinion by an expert on issues whose resolution requires special knowledge in the field of science, technology, art or craft and which are put before the expert by a court, judge, inquiry body, person conducting the inquiry, investigator or prosecutor. Based on the results of the study, the expert draws up a conclusion, which is one of the evidence.

Trademarks forensic examination

Examination on establishment of similarity to degree of confusion of designations is carried out in that case if the question of violation of the rights to the registered trademark is ...

Appraisal of results of IP

Appraisal of property becomes necessary in cases which could be nominally divided into two groups, depending on the nearest perspectives which determine the destiny of such property or activity of ...

Patent and technical expertise

The most important part of the judicial (pre-trial) proceedings is to obtain an answer to the question of the use of the invention or utility model in the product or ...

Examination of industrial designs

The result of such examination is the conclusion of an expert, which the legislation refers to the number of independent judicial evidence.


We carry out intellectual property examinations and protect your rights in court!

The specialists of our center have patent education, knowledge and experience in the field of intellectual property protection, experience in conducting forensic examinations. Most experts have a second special education, which allows them to professionally answer questions posed by the court.

10 years of successful work
As a result of our work, we received positive decisions in more than 300 cases related to the protection of intellectual property!

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